Art education
Developments within the art education sector reflect the current unsettled situation:

cutbacks, cooperation on programming issues between cultural institutions, ever stricter requirements on new building projects, cost-covering operation plans, economies of scale, professionalisation of the organisation of the various institutions, etc.

Cultural Affairs has successfully implemented the following projects in this field:

2017 (March)
Delfzijl, IVAK Art education organization, design specifications website (consultant)

2004 - present
Nieuwegein, municipal theatre and arts centre (programme management)

2012 (January February)
Emmeloord, t Voorhuys theatre foundation (policy consultancy)

2011 (August - present)
Municipality of Delft, , Consultant/member expert team for the privatization of municipal departments Art education, Archives and Archeology service

(September) - 2010 (June)
Utrecht, Zimihc foundation, Vorstelijk Complex Centre for Amateur Arts (building and organisation consultancy)

2007 - 2008 (January)
Gouda, municipal authorities, library, museum, district archives, music school, creativity centre, art cinema (programme management)

2001 - 2004
Nieuwegein, municipal theatre and arts centre (preparation for new building)

1995 (May - June)
Capelle aan den IJssel, new municipal theatre and music school (operation plan)