New building/Renovation projects
Renovation or new building of accommodation for cultural organisations calls for a specialist approach, in numerous stages:

The development of new cultural policy and collaboration on programme development between cultural institutions, feasibility or location studies, the drawing up of Schedules of Requirements, writing an operation plan, organisational development within the institutions involved, planning, etc.

Cultural Affairs has successfully implemented the following projects in this field:

2017 (February-June)
Municipality of Lansingerland , development of a culture cluster (project leader)

2004 - Present
Nieuwegein, municipal town centre cultural accommodation: theatre, pop music venue, library, visual arts centre, art education building, art cinema, cultural catering facilities (programme management)

2011 (February)
The Hague, Foundation Haags Pop Centrum and foundation Musicon, operation plan for Popcity Den Haag

2010 (June)
Winterswijk, Welzijn Winterswijk foundation for pop music venue/youth centre Eucalypta (quick scan and operation plan)

2010 (April - May)
Amsterdam, Cultuur aan het IJ foundation, Tolhuistuin cultural complex (organisation consultancy)

2009 (September) - 2010 (June)
Utrecht, Zimihc foundation, Vorstelijk Complex Centre for Amateur Arts (building and organisation consultancy)

2009 (May) - 2009 (November)
Leiden, municipal authorities, De Nobel music centre (process management for development process, operation and organisation plan)

2007 (December) - 2008 (March)
Harderwijk, Harderwijk, new theatre on the waterfront (feasibility study and operation plan)

2006 (November) - 2007 (July)
Zwolle, Hedon pop music venue (preparation for new building project)

2001 - 2004
Nieuwegein, municipal cultural accommodation (development of new building and cultural programmes for the town centre)

2003 (April - May)
Culemborg, municipal authorities, De Fransche School theatre and the old Town Hall (feasibility study, operation plan and redevelopment)

1996 - 2001
Schiedam, Schiedam Theatre foundation, new theatre (supervision of construction and interior development, start-up and general management)

1995 (May - June)
Capelle aan den IJssel, new municipal theatre (operation plan)

1991 - 1993
Rijswijk, municipal authorities new Rijswijk Playhouse (supervision of new building, start-up and general management)