In the cultural sector, employees are highly dedicated and staff turnover is low.

The staff have close ties to their institution. As a result, reorganisation of any cultural institution is often no easy task.

Cultural Affairs has successfully implemented the following projects in this field:

2017 (March) - present)
Sittard, De Domijnen, theatre and art house movie theatre (interim-head of department Podium)

2012 (January February)
Utrecht, Zimihc foundation, Vorstelijk Complex Centre for Amateur Arts (organisation consultancy

2010 (April - May)
Amsterdam, Cultuur aan het IJ foundation (organisation consultancy for the development of the Tolhuistuin cultural complex)

2009 (September) - 2010 (June)
Utrecht, Zimihc foundation Vorstelijk Complex Centre for Amateur Arts (organisation consultancy for development)

2007 (November) - 2008 (February)
Zwijndrecht, Theatre De Uitstek (writing downscaling plan and social plan)

2006 (November) - 2007 (July)
Zwolle, Hedon pop music venue (restructuring the organisation)

2003 (November) - 2006 (December)
Rotterdam, Pop music multipurpose building WaterFront, (relaunch and restructuring of the organisation)

1996 - 2001
Schiedam, Schiedam Theatre foundation (development and start-up of new organisation)

1993 - 1996
Zwijndrecht, Theatre De Uitstek (restructuring of organisation)

1991 - 1993
Rijswijk, municipal authorities, Rijswijk Playhouse (development and start-up of new organisation)

1989 - 1991
Utrecht, Sterrenbos Theatre (development and start-up of new organisation)

Den Bosch, Coordination centre for Foster Families (start-up of project organisation)

Delft, University of Technology (start-up of project organisation)

1978 - 1979
Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Project manager (AITA/IATA and Netherlands Centre for Amateur Dramatics, (start-up of project organisation)